About ATS

ATS is known for providing cleanroom solutions in mission-critical environments where there is simply no room for error. We combine engineering excellence with contamination control expertise to create cleanroom solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor, micro-electronic organizations and more. The driving force behind our approach is ATS president and founder Brian Flynn. A mechanical engineer by training, Brian spent nearly 15 years overhauling and refueling nuclear submarines, using engineering-based problem solving skills to resolve issues including preventing radiation contamination. It was in these highly sensitive environments that Brian honed his expertise in the identification and elimination of dangerous contaminants of all kinds. And it was there that he learned how important credentials, professionalism and commitment are to the process. He founded ATS with these priorities in mind. Today, all ATS technicians have engineering training and strong analytical skills. Most importantly, ATS technicians understand both the big-picture implications of cleanroom management and detailed interactions within controlled environments. As a result, they excel at troubleshooting and problem solving. When you work with ATS, you can expect:
  • Regular, consistent staff that know you and your facility.
  • Daily communication of each day’s events and shift reports
  • Timely reports, usually within two weeks.
  • Effective relationship management among Quality Control, Facility Control and Production
  • Logically formatted reports issued with validation in mind—so they can be placed directly into your validation package without redesign
ATS offers services that support everything from cleanroom design to construction and final qualification. For example, ATS can:
  • Analyze facilities, advise clients on contaminant control, and certify their facilities
  • Capture airborne contaminants and analyze them
  • Collect and grow contact samples to determine bacterial and fungal levels
  • Investigate air flows, airborne contamination, HEPA filter integrity, room
  • pressurization, temperature, and humidity to optimize operating parameters
  • Issue certification reports that assess the health of a facility
  • Create sterile environments
Experience in the most demanding environments combined with technical excellence throughout our organization—that’s why we’re known as the engineering experts in controlled environments. Contact us today.