Why is Biological Safety Cabinet Certification Important?

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Bio safety cabinetBiological agents are fairly common in laboratory settings. There are many kinds of agents that have a variety of effects on humans and their environment., and scientists might need a wide range of samples to study. That’s where a biological safety cabinet comes into play. This enclosed, ventilated workspace within a laboratory gives us a chance to safely work with these pathogens, as long as you regularly get proper biological safety cabinet testing. The exact standards depend on your biosafety cabinet classification and other specifications such as the cabinet’s make, model, and size. However, it’s important for you to get your cabinets certified for a couple reasons.

Cleanroom Table: Understanding 316 Stainless Steel

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Sterile room – Technical cleanliness and clean roomWhenever you are in need of a quality working table, consider a surface with a 316 stainless steel material. It is a powerful material mostly found in cleanroom industries to heighten their working surface. The material is frequently used on the various working surfaces such as tables and shelves. Due to its nature, the material can withstand a high amount of heat as well as frequent cleaning, even if you use powerful disinfectants. To have a quality working surface, seek Atlantic Technical Systems. They will provide you with a qualified cleanroom using a 316 stainless steel working surface. Their cleanroom management services are unmatched.

The Latest Developments in Cleanroom Technology

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The scientist experimented in the laboratoryCleanroom management is vital to attaining the sole reason for having a cleanroom in the first place: avoiding contamination. In any room, the air, surfaces, equipment, humans, clothing, just about everything, can introduce some form of contaminant into a room. When that happens, products and safety can be compromised. Here are a few of the advances in cleanroom management and technology that have made products safer from conception and testing through final deployment on the market.

An Introduction to ISO Standards

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ISO Standard conceptYou've probably heard about International Standards before, even if they weren't explained in detail. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a nongovernmental body that sets agreed-upon standards throughout a number of different fields and industries across 161 nations. Each country has a single ISO member, and individuals or companies are not allowed to become ISO members. This methodology ensures consistency and limits confusion, since there's a single active member for each nation.

Facts about Cleanroom Classification

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scientist working at the laboratoryAnyone that works in cleanroom management understands what a cleanroom is. What they might not get is how cleanroom classification works. It seems, even for people who work in cleanrooms all day, every day, what constitutes them and how they are classified is a mystery. Here is a brief summary of how the cleanroom classification system works.

General Tips for Working in Your Biological Safety Cabinet

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working in the biosafety cabinetNeedless to say, there are a lot of rules that govern the use of a biological safety cabinet. These are common sense things that apply whenever personnel is working in them for their safety as well as to avoid any type of breach. Here is a general rundown of the guidelines and rules that all biosafety cabinet testing protocols should address, at a minimum.

Why Biosafety Cabinet Testing Is Important

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Protect Life

Scientist examining samplesBy having cleanroom certification, you help protect life and prevent contamination. Without proper certification, you may not reach industry or regulatory standards. This certification helps you protect biological research and ensure that your product meets high standards. Biosafety cabinet certification will help your facilities succeed.

Procedure of Biological Cabinet Testing

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Science testingBiological Safety Cabinet

Biological safety cabinets are necessary when working with biohazardous materials, or materials which may present aerosolized or vapor hazards. A biological safety cabinet (BSC) provides protection for biological samples, as well as for personnel and the work environment. They are used for a variety of applications in the life sciences as well as pharmaceutical, clinical, and industrial laboratories.

The Elements of Clean Room HVAC Systems

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Technicians working in the pharmaceutical production lineSome industries deal with products that have to be developed in a clean room environment. This applies to companies that deal with biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and even microelectronics. These industries often require specialized equipment, such as a pharmaceutical grade refrigerator for the development of drugs, or a specialized HVAC system. When investing in a clean room design, keep in mind that you want to work with someone who has experience with products similar to yours. The slightest change in temperature, or air pressure, could ruin the development of product, which can be avoided with the proper clean room design.