Commissioning a Biosafety Cabinet

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Atlantic Technical Systems_March_Commissioning a Biosafety Cabinet_Image 1Biosafety cabinet classification can be a delicate thing. This is not something that can be done quickly or without great care. When biological safety cabinet testing is needed, it means that some complex work will be happening that is entirely dependent on the right conditions being present in the atmosphere of the new cabinet. In order to commission such a space, the following requirements must be in place.

Secure HVAC Systems

This is the most important aspect to check out. The HVAC system for the entire building will not be secure enough to work with these biosafety zones. You will need a separate system in order to make things work well. There can be no contamination whatsoever with the air coming to and from other non-secure areas in the building. New testing should be done on this system regularly to ensure there is no crossover happening.

Five Cost-Cutting Strategies for Building a Cleanroom

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Atlantic Technical Systems_March_Cost Cutting Strategies for Building a Cleanroom_Image 1Cleanroom construction is designed to successfully meet the needs and standards of the industry in which it will operate. The equipment, available space, cleanliness level, and the room’s air pressure are all considerations that should comply with either industry standards (ISO) or federal standards (FDA, cGMP) in order to meet cleanroom certification levels.  Although cleanrooms require specific design criteria and specialized equipment, there are options that offer practical, energy-saving solutions. Listed below are 5 cost cutting strategies to consider when building a cleanroom: