Facts about Clean Room HVAC Systems

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The key to any cleanroom HVAC system is combining environmental controls with contaminant prevention. Your facility is unique in its requirements, but there's a fine line between exceeding profits and saving a multi-year research endeavor. That's why it is so important to partner with Atlantic technical Systems to create the best clean room HVAC system for your facility. These are some things to consider when developing a plan. 

System Demands

The first thing to consider is the demand on your HVAC system. If you're building a new facility, look at the layout of the building and group clean rooms together. You can also save some money by reducing the size of the clean rooms to minimize the volume of air the system has to process. In conjunction, consider high efficiency equipment to start with, like cleanroom filters & supplies, to reduce energy usage. After a few months, the system will generate enough savings to pay for itself.

Environmentally Friendly

Being green is more than just a passing fad. Individuals and companies are learning that being environmentally conscious can lead to energy savings and better profits. Many HVAC systems can be built to capture lost energy and use it in other areas. The system will prepare the conditioned space to help ease the burden on your HVAC system. You can also combine this with alternative methods of generating energy, such as solar panels on the roof or even small wind turbines. Any energy savings can help the bottom line without disrupting work in your cleanrooms.

Air Flow

One of the best things you can do is control the airflow rates in and out of your cleanrooms. There are programs available that can schedule production times in the cleanrooms and shut the HVAC system off when no one is using the room. Coordinate the size so they are appropriate for the amount of airflow. Smaller fans can generate a proportionate amount of air while using less energy. Finally, locate any equipment that will be needed inside the cleanroom to minimize how often the door needs to be opened, reducing the opportunities for contaminants to get in.

At Atlantic Technical Systems, we know how important cleanroom certification is to your company’s future. We can partner with you to design an HVAC system to protect both.