Importance of Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

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1611770_Atlantic Technical Systems_Importance of Biological Safety Cabinet Certification_DLX1bBiological safety cabinets, or BSCs, are used by laboratories for the research of various biohazard agents. They’re designed to protect you, your laboratory, and your surrounding environment from harmful exposure to these biological agents. BSC certification refers to the maintenance and condition of the cabinet instead of a guarantee that the cabinet will work as expected. A certified BSC is tested periodically to make sure that it’s providing you with a safe work environment. Here are some important reasons why certification is important. BSC certification should only be done by a professional. A BSC should be certified upon installation, after a repair, regularly for annual maintenance, and when relocating the BSC to another laboratory. The certification process can take two to four hours to complete. It includes testing the inflow and downflow of air through HEPA filters. Professionals will also inspect these filters and other parts of your BSC, making repairs to them when necessary. Principal Investigators are responsible for making sure that BSC certification is done annually. They’ll provide you with a professional contact who will coordinate the certification process for you. It’s important that your BSC pass the certification test. If your BSC fails the test, it must be decontaminated, repaired, and recertified to be safe for use.   The certification process includes the decontamination of your BSC. This is especially important when your BSC needs to be repaired, relocated, or disposed of to avoid releasing hazardous wastes into the environment. Most professionals use vaporous hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide. These strong chemicals help to neutralize and decontaminate any leftover biohazard materials before the units are opened for further decontamination. These chemicals are effective in decontaminating both the surface and the interior mechanisms of your BSC. Many professionals are preferring the use of chlorine dioxide since it's less toxic than most alternative decontaminants.   Atlantic Technical Systems is a company that serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, and microelectronic industries by providing clean room management. Their mission is to provide you with the proper certification needed to establish and maintain the highest standards of cleanroom control. They guarantee high quality assurance and regulatory compliance because they understand how important it is to have a safe working environment.   Atlantic Technical Systems understands that you don’t want to entrust just anyone with certifying your BSC equipment. They understand that certification means more than just maintaining and fulfilling work regulations and standards. Certification removes complex issues that could prevent your ability to perform your work that can cause harm to the environment.   For more information about scheduling your next BSC certification, visit