Bio Safety

Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

ATS provides biological safety cabinet analysis, testing and decontamination services including:
  • Certification in accordance with NSF-49 and ISO-14644 - Accreditation Certificate Number: 0L610-01
  • Repairs – blower and filter replacement
  • Formaldehyde fumigation
  • Our technicians are trained to perform all required and optional testing, including:
Required testing:
  • Downflow Velocity Profile
  • Inflow Velocity
  • Airflow Smoke Patterns
  • HEPA Filter Leak Scan
  • Cabinet Leak Test (for initial setup or relocation)
Optional testing:
  • Lighting Intensity
  • Noise Level
  • Electrical Leakage
  • Electrical Ground Circuit Resistance
  • Electrical Polarity
  • Vibration
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