Technical Aspects of Cleanroom Management

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Scientist working with a falcon tube under sterile hood at laboratoryCleanroom management is an important field that provides laboratories, whether governmental, commercial, or non-profit, with tests and certifications that establish the credibility and security of facilities. In every environment, millions of factors can jeopardize sensitive testing and manufacturing. For the integrity of your products and services, keeping your cleanrooms and biological safety cabinets up to international regulatory standards is critical. No matter what level of certifications or number of tests you need to have done on your facilities, cleanroom management can provide you with help for each step of the process.

Why Controlled Environments?

The International Standards Organization developed different ISO classifications for levels of cleanrooms. The levels of ISO classifications depend on the number of particles of size 0.5 µm or larger permitted per cubic foot of air. When you're setting up your cleanroom, you'll need to determine what ISO classification you need to gain, based on the specific type of manufacturing or lab work you're doing. Then, we can help you with the decontamination, required and optional testing, and, finally, official certification.

Required Testing and Certifications

To get into the nitty gritty technical specifications, we provide certification in accordance with NSF-49 and ISO-14644 - Accreditation Certificate Number: 0L610-01. This will get your setup running in to the international standards that guarantee your products or services won't be contaminated by any latent or introduced microorganisms or debris. Required testing is important for any laboratory or manufacturing operation. Some of the required testing we provide are:
  • Downflow velocity profile
  • Inflow velocity
  • Airflow smoke patterns
  • HEPA filter leak scan
  • Cabinet leak test (for initial setup or relocation)
These tests will determine if your equipment is functioning correctly and where, if anywhere, are leaks or other flaws that could ruin your cleanroom. As cleanroom managers with years of experience, you can count on these crucial determinations to give you a clear track to making your organization compliant now and into the future.

Optional Testing

Scientist performing microbial tests in Biological safety cabinets lab.If you offer your customers or clients additional assurances that set you apart from your competitors, we can help you with these further tests and levels of cleanliness as well. We provide optional testing that includes:
  • Lighting intensity
  • Noise level
  • Electrical leakage
  • Electrical ground circuit resistance
  • Electrical polarity
  • Vibration
These are important for materials that are sensitive to other factors not related to the microbe content of the space. If you're dealing with samples that could be compromised by electricity, these tests will put you on your way to identifying and eliminating limiting factors.

More Services

Consulting with us about biological safety cabinet testing, you can ensure that your isolated samples and biologically hazardous materials are stored safely for your employees and the integrity of your facilities.