The Elements of Clean Room HVAC Systems

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Technicians working in the pharmaceutical production lineSome industries deal with products that have to be developed in a clean room environment. This applies to companies that deal with biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and even microelectronics. These industries often require specialized equipment, such as a pharmaceutical grade refrigerator for the development of drugs, or a specialized HVAC system. When investing in a clean room design, keep in mind that you want to work with someone who has experience with products similar to yours. The slightest change in temperature, or air pressure, could ruin the development of product, which can be avoided with the proper clean room design. 

The Importance of Clean Room HVAC

When designing a clean room, it must be built as a standalone environment inside of the building. This means that aside from having its own containment space, you will need a separate clean room HVAC system, walls and flooring that are separate from the rest of the building, its own lighting and a separate pressure system as well. Due to the fragility of many microelectronics and pharmaceuticals, the room pressure has to be kept on a higher level, compared to the rest of the building. Pressure is used to filter out particles that enter from an outside environment. The room designed to be the cleanest needs to have the highest air pressure at all times. Temperature control is another aspect of the clean room that must be maintained separately from the rest of the building. This is why you will need to install an additional HVAC unit designed specifically for that clean room. For storage purposes, you will most likely need a pharmaceutical grade refrigerator as well. Finally, this brings us to the monitoring and controls. Years ago, trained staff had to periodically check on systems manually, which took a lot of time, effort, and could lead to mistakes if something was missed. Now, you have the luxury of using state-of-the-art software that can monitor each and every corner of that clean room 24 hours per day and sound the proper alarm if it finds something wrong.

Professional Help with Clean Rooms

This is not one of those industries where the term "good enough" will work. If you want your product to succeed, the margin of error in the development stage has to be minimal. This is why planning is a crucial part of setting up a clean room. If this is a new project for you, the pros at ATS can provide you with the tools, and experience that you need.