Type C1 Biosafety Cabinet Myths Dispelled

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Confident Researcher Experimenting In LaboratoryCleanroom management and biosafety cabinet testing are integral parts of many industries. Type C1 biosafety cabinets provide protection from harmful particulates. Here are some dispelled myths about the Type C1 biosafety cabinet.

Type C1 Airflow Pattern is the Same as a B1 Biosafety Cabinet’s

This idea isn't accurate because the main difference between types B1 and C1 is that the latter provides a safer work surface and environment since it has a specific space to keep hold of the harmful chemicals, fumes, and particulates. On the other hand, B1 has a gray area within the work surface where contaminated air and clean air can mix. Moreover, the C1 also can blow off the contaminated air.

Non-recognition by NSF/ANSI 49

First, we need to understand the importance of passing Standard 49. These guidelines require biosafety cabinet classification to pass appropriate performance tests and studies, design and construction requirements, durability and installation requirements, and that they can be decontaminated. To disprove this, the NSF/ANSI listed models that predate the C1 in 2012 Standard 49 as not categorized under Types A or B technology, and they were given biosafety cabinet certification, because they met the standards of construction, design, materials, and the performance yardsticks of this version of NSF/ANSI 49.

Type C1 is Difficult to Use and Requires Specific Instructions to Ensure Safety

Only Type B1 requires special considerations for use regarding the suitable area where users can work. The C1 and all the other BSCs don’t need special instructions. You can use the work surface like intended.

C1 has No Laminar Airflow

To dispel, this, take note that air moves continuously inside the C1 work surface despite the segregation of the clean and contaminated air. A downward airflow prevents the user from inhaling the contaminants and directs them to the chamber where it can stay until the next decontamination. If yours is an industry that uses biosafety cabinets, you should not compromise the quality of your investment over cheap costs and inaccurate information. Always do your research and choose the right safety cabinets that meet biosafety cabinet certification for your operations. Atlantic Technical Systems is here to help. Give us a call today.