What Are GMPs and Why Do They Matter?

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Good Manufacturing Practices (or GMPs) are essential for performance in any number of industries, including the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and microelectronics industries. Although things like cleanroom design are important for productivity and to maintain proper standards, that alone isn't enough. At Atlantic Technical Systems, we strive to ensure that we deliver the best products, support, and services to leading-edge companies, so that they can continue to maintain top-notch performance and innovation while leading the charge in dynamic technologies, tools, systems, and services. Good Manufacturing Practices are a big part of that process, and these practices rely on much more than just having the latest equipment.

How It Works

Sanitation and cleanliness are essential in maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices. Obviously, your personnel are going to be at their best and most productive when sanitation and cleanliness are maintained. Preventing cross-contamination will also be much easier in a facility where sanitary practices are maintained and cleanliness is consistently targeted and achieved as a priority. However, cleanliness and sanitation are also important for your tools and equipment. Improperly cared-for equipment can not only become contaminated and spread microbes, but improperly cleaned and sanitized equipment can contaminate results or even lead to damaging particularly sensitive tools. Although clean room HEPA filters can do a lot when it comes to maintaining cleanliness, they alone are not enough. Proper training and proper practices have to be maintained. At Atlantic Technical Systems, we believe that our people are one of our most valuable assets, and we take pride in having well-trained personnel and properly licensed and certified technicians. That level of professionalism and competency can make invaluable contributions to almost any business in virtually every field. Properly trained, experienced, and certified personnel are paramount to developing and maintaining Good Manufacturing Practices. The importance of our staff cannot be overstated, and we firmly believe that any business can only be as good as its people. This is part of why clearly written and properly defined processes are so important for Good Manufacturing Practices. Standard operating procedures (SOPs), and user guidelines for equipment, tools, or other technologies, must be clearly explained, outlined, and diagrammed to accommodate both initial training and for the continuation of best practices.

Above and Beyond

Although having your clean room certification is a good start, it obviously won't cover all aspects of your business, much less your industry. We heartily recommend that you not only cover essential certifications and trainings, but we would also recommend going above and beyond the base requirements. All leading companies tend to go several steps beyond the baseline industry standards in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Part of that will be via exemplary training and instruction for their employees, or through partnerships with outside agencies, but it also often includes adapting the latest technologies and equipment. Ultimately, everyone is reliant on their tools and their personnel. Obviously, cleanroom management involves both. It demands proper equipment, but it also requires the proper training and experience to be able to reliably use and maintain your tools. At Atlantic Technical Systems, we firmly believe that having one without the other is a recipe for failure. Certified, well-trained technicians are essential to your daily productivity, meeting your quarterly and annual goals, and in maintaining the best practices that are going to get your company ahead and keep you leading in your field. However, well-trained personnel without the proper technologies necessary to excel are effectively having their hands tied. Success requires both.