What Are Pharmaceutical Grade Refrigerators?

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medicineHave you ever wondered what makes pharmaceutical grade refrigerators special? For starters, they fulfill the unique needs of their research or medical facility. A facility may need to safely store biological samples at a particular temperature to guarantee that they don't compromise a study. A medical style clinic might just need a handy place to store ice. Either way, the refrigerator you choose is paramount to the needs of the facility. Here are some things to think about for understanding how pharmaceutical grade refrigerators are best used.

What is the Desired Capacity?

Clearly, size is a concern. You must be able to fit the refrigerator in the room but must also make sure it is large enough to accommodate what it is that requires cold storage. You must also try to predict how much is too much for the refrigerator to hold. Whether you're storing groceries or vaccines, refrigerators work best when they are at 30%-80% capacity.

What Are Your Temperature Requirements?

On average, a medical grade refrigerator needs to stay between 2 and 8oC. Depending on if you're using it for medical or laboratory purposes, you'll most likely need to do some research to make sure the refrigerator you pick fits your particular needs. For example, an ultra-low freezer goes between -45 and -85oC where a more standard freezer is in the range of -10 to -20oC. It's clear to see there is a drastic difference in the two, so it’s essential to know what you need.

What Are Your Shelving

In pharmaceutical grade refrigerators, a good air flow is everything. Glass shelving, for example, is popular because it can be cleaned easily and quickly, but it’s not advised for medical use because it can impede circulation. For laboratory or similar applications, consider plastic shelving with perforated holes or wire style shelves. Many medical refrigerators come with built-in drawers designed to protect contents from fluctuations in temperature. This type of shelving or bins come highly recommended by the CDC as they help with organization and increased circulation and air flow for pharmacy grade storage. If you have interest in finding out more about pharmaceutical grade refrigerators, or would like to inquire into pharmaceutical incubators or centrifuge validation, contact Atlantic Technical Systems for more info.